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See the Man who has been Paying His Wife N30,000 For 1round of S.ex

.Wife demands US$100 ‘short time’…wants a car payment to have baby number 2!
A Harare man has been paying his wife for ‘services’ rendered.
Lloyd Nyamutswa of Waterfalls said his wife Rudo Jonga started acting suspiciously some three months ago when she started demanding payment to the tune of $100  per s*x  session and when he wanted to have another sh would demand another $100.
“She is always demanding money and I sometimes give her up to $500.  She demands money for s.ex and I pay $100 per round She says if I want to continue I should give her more,” Lloyd bared out his soul after finding ‘se.xts’ between his wife and her boyfriend.
Lloyd said his eight year marriage to Rudo had headed for total collapse after the discovery, through steamy texts, that his wife was having a an affair with one Richard Madzodza.
“Now she is demanding that I buy her a car if I want to have a second child with her,” he lamented.
Lloyd said the unusual behaviour started when Rudo began coming home late in the early hours of the morning under the guise of all night prayer vigils.
“She started leaving home around 5pm and staying out the whole night only coming home the next morning around 3am. When I asked her, she would say she would be at an all night prayer but I was never requested to accompany her,” he said
A visibly distraught Lloyd said his wife always turned violent whenever confronted and she would end up beating him as well as insulting him such that he had to lodge police reports several times.
He added that his wife is now taking the infamous cough syrup Broncleer and other drugs leading to very  absurd behaviour.
Lloyd said he first discovered of his wife’s infidelity when he came across messages between her and Arnold Dzikiti’s in her phone in 2014. “When I discovered the affair, Arnold confessed that he was indeed in love with my wife. She apologised and said she would change but she is back to her old ways. Some of the messages which have convinced Lloyd that his wife is cheating with Richard Madzodza include: “u keep me going bby it dsnt make sense when u not here, Hapana kana chinoita sense. Come lets start our family baby, come lets start this journey together empress…”
Rudo replied to one of Madzodza’s texts saying: “luv u hun, u making my days brighter moyo“.
Contacted for a comment, Richard professed ignorance to the fact that Rudo was married. “She never told me that she was married, she actually said she was divorced bra. I now realise I wasted my time sincendaitofirirawo waiziya? Ha…Rudo should not do that. We should not fight(with Lloyd) because tese takabhaizwa wazviona manje,”  he confessed over the phone.

Posted by on January 1, 2017.

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