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OMG!!! See Pictures Of Huge King Cobra Killed By UNIOSUN Students

It was around 7:40 pm on Wednesday evening, some students noticed a very long shining object crawling towards a hole. *hoops*

Boys ran like girls into their rooms, you need to see people, someone almost called the police. Hehe.
But thanks to the able men and a bike man who was at the hostel when the king cobra was in action. Luckily the bike man and other guys where skilled at killing snakes. The snake was killed and the head was cutoff from its body.
See pictures below.
We all have to be very careful at this time, because snakes are coming out of their hidings to get a place to warm up. So please cut the bushes around our hostels and be careful at night.

Posted by on December 27, 2016.

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