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Unbelieveable : You Wouldn’t Believe Why Mr Bean’s Wife Divorces Him 24yrs after Marriage


We all know Mr Bean, and his comedic ways, but right now he isn’t laughing.
Rowan Atkinson is better known as ‘Mr Bean’, for his roles in the immensely popular comedy films of the same name, but his wife did not find his cheating funny and has sought to divorce him.

His 54 year-old wife has officially left him on the grounds of “unreasonable behaviour”, after he struck up another relationship, this time with a former BBC make up artist who is half his age, Louise Ford

A court in the UK granted the couple a decree nisi, in a short hearing lasting less than a minute. They both failed to show up at the hearing.

Don’t you just love the British and their Victorian ‘modesty’? Leaving your wife of  to go after a woman young enough to be your daughter is definitely unreasonable behaviour. Lol

Posted by on December 7, 2016.

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