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Photos: Nigerian Guy Post N.aked Photos Of A Girl He Slept on snapchat


Lagos big boy, Kashy, posts a snap of himself and his popular bae, “kingadenike” showing off her *****.SEE THE SHOCKING PHOTOS


That’s her boyfriend, 2. They’ve been dating for years 3. She didn’t get fucked for an iPhone 7 as he spoils her on a regular.. She just came back from Dubai.. 4. It’s not her fault she’s a dope, badass, fashionista… Coming from another girl.. Saying it serves her right and you don’t even know her.. That’s so bad😞 I don’t know what got over the boy… Cos a lot of us might have done worse… I blame Kashy.. Even if he mistakenly uploaded it.. He should have deleted it ASAP … I feel bad for her cos it could have been anybody.. One time in school I was bathing n from my window I saw a flash.. Like from a phone recording me.. Imagine I woke up the next morning to see my pictures everywhere with an ugly caption.. Nobody will even want to hear my side of the story.. I feel it’s so wrong for you to laugh at her and say it serves her right.. I don’t know if she has offended you before but it’s not nice 🙏🏾

Posted by on December 7, 2016.


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