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Photo : Nigerian Virgin tells us Why She Will Not Have S.ex Before Marriage


1) Unnecessary Exposure: most of the experiences teenagers and young people gain at the cause of s*xual experimentation simply brings them distractions and makes them vulnerable to more harms.

2) Loss of focus: most teenagers and young adults who are distracted by s*xual experimentations hardly stay focused on their studies and life’s goals mostly because they understand less what to expect and how to deal with irrelevant invitations and partying. Owing to this fact, they give in to peer pressures in order to belong.
3) Emotional Instability : as a teenager or a young adult, you are so blessed with ample opportunities and time to use solely for your personal development. This goal is usually thwarted when all you’ ll have to think most of the time is what Tunde said about your body the last time, or how Sade reacted when you couldn’t control your ejaculation. And most importantly, constant worrying and fears of unwanted pregnancies and your parents finding out about your bad movements leaves you with no complete peace either.

4) Reduced Rate of Positive Self Development : It is very likely that an individual must be occupied with something, so that when you are not doing the right things, you must be doing the wrong ones. S*xual relationship is mostly demanding of time and energy, so that when you spend most hours of your week pleasing s bog or girl with whom u have no future, you are indirectly eating some hours of your future achievements away. What happens to positive hobbies such as reading inspiring books on life, love, education, business and a host of other recreational activities.

5) The tendency To Replace Love With S*x: when you are yet to understand the nature of love before delving into s*x, you are most likely to believe that s*x is an expression of love and thereby freely sharing it with every dick, tom and Harry, girl, and woman that asks for it, even against your own wish.

6) STDS : Most reproduction hindering sexually transmitted diseases are usually contracted earlier in life when teenagers hardly know their left and right. Some of which have terminal consequences as most young people have lost their lives ,dreams and aspirations to HIV/AIDS and other diseases. Some young girls have a marred future due to one mistake of unwanted pregnancy or a bad abortion. Some men also are under the influence of curses from the unsuspecting girls they had abused earlier in life. Little wonder the frustration and lack of meaningful progress. It is important that young people have a full or much knowledge about s*x, live and relationship, but having premarital s*x is a misplacement of priorities.

One can live a healthy and happy life if he /she remained a virgin by choice before marriage. There is no need for the rush, life is too long, the years less spent for one to start placing the last things first, thereby struggling to cope with the immediate demands. When one gets married, he will spend most of his years having s*x with his partner, while most of the things he neglected doing when he was single as a result of s*x, he might find no interest in anymore as a result of marital responsibilities. This is typically why most young people do not utilize up to half of their dormant potentials before death as a result of misplaced priorities

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Posted by on December 7, 2016.

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