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Waec 2016 Literature In English Obj & Prose Answers and Questions – expo

Waec 2016 Literature In English Obj & Prose Answers and Questions – expo @ http://www.codedexam.com
VERIFIED WAEC 2016 Literature In English Obj & Prose QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
Thursday 7th April 2016
Nii Kpakpo and Maa Tsuru are lovers in the novel
(Faceless). Maa Tsuru is the mother of Fofo, Baby T and
some other children. She does not gave a stable
relationship as she comes across men who impregnates
her and dumps her afterwards.
Being a gullible woman, Maa Tsuru believes Nii Kwakpo
without questioning. She however regrets her
relationship with the man later in the novelbas she
realises her mistakes and gullibility. Maa Tsuru began
to feel for the pinch. She dropped a hint to kpakpo but
either he did not get it or refused to get it. Kwakpo
succeeds in deceiving Maa Tsuru to part with her
daughter, Baby T, only for Maa Tsuru to regret it later
when Baby T is being gruesomely murdered.
According to the novel: The widow suffers loneliness and solitude; she is alone from dawn till dusk,a castaway. Yaremi’s case is especially pathetic because her children are now adults and they do not live in kufi;Segi lives in with her husband at olode,Wura with her husband at Apon; and Alani lives in ibadan.Woye her grandchild,whose company she enjoys is soon taken away from from her.Thus for Yaremi. Loneliness is a loyal companion. To combat loneliness,Yaremi makes woye her her grandchild ,her companion.She tells him stories and they sing together and also recall her times with Ajumobi both the good times and seemingly bad moments. She recounts his care,his love and tenderness. She tend his grave often.she even dreams about him. Yaremi’s loneliness is hightened after her refusal to pick a cap at the cap picking ceremony. The villagers after the incident begins to avoid her. They are reluctant to share pleasantries with her. Lonely days is a testament to Yaremi’s loneliness and the fact that lonely days still lie ahead of her.
Bayo adebowale resorts to the use of omniscience native technique to sucessfully draw up the plot of the story and convey the thoughts and feelings of each of his characters.
Bayo adebowale resorts sometimes to the use of dialogue to convey the thoughts and feelimgs of the characters in the prose.Some instances of the use of dialogue include the instance of Yaremi’s interaction with Woye as well as that of Yaremi’s interaction with Ajumobi.Also dialogue is used in Yaremi’s response to the prospective suitors.
Section B
It is the society that makes bigger a murderer.This is due to racial oppression that thrive in the society.The blacks are generally regarded as belonging to the lowest rung on the social ladder of the society.They therefore,suffer the indigities of this class and have their lower labour exploited to build wealth for the members of the upper class.However it is not only blacks who are oppressed as a result of their socioeconomic status.There are some many poor whites people,according to max,is also hated like the blacks are hated.Max also notes that some people like himself and Jan who work to defend the interst of the working class are also hated.Which is another form of class oppression.To perpetuate its oppression of the lower class.The oppress and the judiciary are used to wipe up sentiment against labour defender activist and to some extent the judicial system is also employed for the same purpose.Currently 
Max Boris: Max Boris is an idealistic
lawyer with communist sympathies who
defends the protagonist Bigger Thomas
but comes under attack himself because
he is a communist and a Jew. More than
any other character, he understands
Bigger and forms a close relationship
with him.
Keep Refreshing……
Answers will be posted Very Soon
Live question…Lit questions 
1) Exam the Significance of Vickie and Kabira’s Visit to the police 
2) Discuss the realtionship btw Nii KpaKpo and Maa Tsuru in the novel
3) Discuss the theme of loneliness in the novel
4) Comment on the Writers narrative style in the novel 
5) Consider the view that it is the society that make bigger a murderer in the novel 
6) What is Max’s attitude toward racial relations in the novel Answers will be posted Very Soon…..tying…..
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