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KSP Students’ Protest And The Consequent Closure Of The School – An Eye Witness Account

On the 15th of march which was two days ago, a Student of Kogi state polytechnic was killed by an okada rider!
The student who was an Igala lady by tribe had boarded a bike to where she was going.

The said transport fare to her destination was N150 and the deceased had only N100 which she gave the Hausa okada man but the man refused and insisted that his pay be completed with the remaining amount.

The student had only hundred and pleaded it be collected from her but the Okada man refused and it busted into an argument while the okada man grew with a fury of self-righteousness and brought out a dagger with which he stabbed the student on her chest in the rib just below her breasts on the right side and she died there instantly.

Some unseen witnesses said while the okada man hurried to place back his dagger in his scabbard, he mistakenly stabbed himself in the abdomen and bled away with his bike to a hospital where he came bleeding helplessly pleading for treatment as the police at the hospital tried to investigate and insisted he explain what happened because he bled on heavily but he pleaded they should forget about it and just treat him so he’d just go, while the police had already stopped the medics from treating him.

Prior to the delay of treatment ‘cos of his heavy bleeding, he fell down and died!

The news, on reaching the students who now raging with untainted fury took to the main roads and started burning cars, blocking the roads while some to the markets killing any Hausas they came across who sold vegetables, makeup accessories and jewels and others. A cement lorry was even burnt down.

However the whole thing died down when military men were deployed to the scenes to calm the upheaval.
But presently, the school had been shut down till further notice.

Posted by on March 20, 2016.

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