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Jamb 2016 CBT Answers For Wednesday Day 10 March (9/3/2016)

ENGLISH 9th March

-all nations adopt the peaceful approach
-the approach to employ in conflict
management depends on the state of
-language and culture are interwoven
-it promotes understanding within the
-the language of instruction is ideally
ones own language
-our native language is as important as the world around us
-image -emulate
-contradict -he smiled sheepishly
-unite against bullying of the eldest
-nene -friendly and likeable person
-ss3 students
-always ready to punish offenders
-conformity -jumping into a nearby bush
-he would support d club
-try nt to become sad and hopeless
-they cntrolld d capital mre strictly -my brother and i havent seen d movie
-his actions were seriously rejectd
-he wasnt given d car because his father
-he was nt invited and so he did nt attend
-he is one of those that live in a distant and underdevelopd area
-the lecture is an opportunity to travel to
-she cannot change d way thngs happen
-respectful -natural
-consistent -ambiguous
-terrible -sparkling
-someone who holds onto his ideas
-come off
-disagreement -dropped out of
-doesn’t she
-an old big brown bag -gone/who
-for a while now
-will she
-of -for
-cut back on
-ran off
-any -castle
-haste -soul
-is the house painted blue
-did ade obtain a loan from a church -what did we fetch for her

* trivalent
* 0.7
* 3.20mm
* the potential difference across each resistance is the same
* diffraction
* 7.2*10^-2m
* sin^-1 5/7
* silvered walls
* 40g
* holes
* neutron
* 0.1cm
* 667N
* 2.5*10^ 7 ms-1
* random motion
* the photoelectric effect
* non-polarized
* 1.7Nkg^-1
* 376J
* dynamic
* 90s
* the momentum change of each molecule on collision increase
* -0.85eV
* electric flux on a straight current carrying conductor
* 12N
* C/3
* 5km
* 360JK^-1
* 38N
* intrinsic semiconductor
* they have very long life span if carefully handled
* white light
* 50cm
* brass
* 66.7%
* primary cells
* short and wide bore
* 1,000J
* polarization
* 9.6ms^-2
* dark shadows of transParent object
* static friction
* remain the same
* thick with high expansivity
* 12000J
* V/L
* NS
* decreases with time
* area


* 2.5×10^2
* 30%
* 10_/3cm
* 38 tonnes
* 2x(a-3b)(2b-y)
* 15/28
* -7
* 3 (if 4^x+3/16^2x-3=1, find x)
* 1 (the binary operation…)
* {1,3 0,1}
* -2 (find value of ..)
* 2x+1/2x^_1/2
* 20°
* 80°
* 36
* 4-_/6
* 1/3
* _/6
* y=3x+2
* 120degree
* 9.0%
* 20
* 360degree
* a semi circle
* 9 (the sum of d first n terms…)
* x+1>_0,y+x<_0,y-x>_0
* 1234base 4
* {0457]
* 4 pie cm
* 48degree
* 4x+2y=5
* 24 (find numbr of committee…)
* 1.43
* -6<_x<_3
* 4whole number 2/3
* 5,4
* [7,9,11,12,13,15]
* 6 (x varies directly…)
*-5 (find the value of x)
* 28
* 1/3
* 4 (determine the max value of y=…)
* -4,1
* 12 (hw many sides has regular…150degree)
* 6 (the scores of ten students…)
* 187
* 9 (find the slope of the curve…)
* 20 (the distribution above…
* 8 (hw many sides has a regular…1350degree)
* -12cos(-4x)

* 2.00
* change in P / change in Q
* the price of the commodity
* prohibitive customary beliefs
* an increase in the equilibrium price and a decrease in the equilibrium quantity
* 45.0%
* 4
* range and variance
* land tensure system
* forces of demand and supply
* contractionary fiscal policy
* sustained increase in the output of goods and services per head
* regulates productions and consumption
* an increase in supply
* sales tax
* buyer and seller
* the value of exports exceeds the value of imports
* regulate agricultural produce prices to achieve income stability
* commercialization
* socialism
* large deposit of crude oil
* capital market
* a money market
* dividing total cost by total output
* #1039.50
* central bank
* #2
* an increase in quantity supplied
* mixed economy
* cost of training
* mono-economy
* bring about effective use of members foreign reserves
* elasticity
* zero
* substitutes
* change income and change in consummption
* #150.00
* 22.0
* low income level
* 4.0%
* alternative forgone to produce the good
* an increase in quantity supplied
* technical economics of scale
* oligopoly
* difference in available natural resources
* barter systEm
* transportation services
* mode
* increase in the rate of capital formation

CHEMISTRY 9th March:

*partially filled d-orbital
*angle H and T angle S
*pentyl ethanoate
*purple to colourless
*branched chain alkanes
*fractional distillation
*5 [value of X]
*boyle’s law
*fused CaCl2
*trioxosulphate(IV) ion
*remains unchanged
*highly saturated
*2, 2, 3-trimethypentanoic acid
*CnH2n+1^X [where X represents the halide]
*sulphur(IV) oxide
*oxygen and carbon(IV) oxide
*alkanals are oxidized to alkanoic acids while alkanones are not
*activated complex
*partially filled d-orbitals for bond formation
*a precipitate of sulpur
*double decomposition
*concentrated NaCl
*turn blue litmus paper to red
*1s2 2s2 2p6
*two electrons in an atom cannot have the same four quantum numbers
*it is a halogen


*technical Aid Corps Scheme
*policy of association
*influence government
*Richards constitution
*does not tolerate opposition
*Monrovia group
*The United Nations
*Attorney-General and Minister of Justice
*the general principles of a states international behaviour
*scrutiny of the budget
*Mass party
*Common Colonial History
*an act of parliament
*common language and culture
*civil service commission
*diversity of culture and language
*concurrent list
*political socialization
*distinction of governmental powers
*South Africa
*Economic interest
*c-ntral government
*case law
*local government council
*matters affecting government
*voting at elections
*Federal Electoral Commission
*The General Assembly
*executive arm of government
*political power
*Board of Directors
*Jean Bodin
*vote and voted for
*constitution is not contained in a single document

Yesterday was terrible,
We pray it doesn’t repeat itself today

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